Sick from data

“If you don’t need it I don’t either.” I’d have never guessed how much that machismo response would shape the next eight years. This was as we purchased tickets for a dinner cruise on a catamaran sailing the Pacific to the northwest side of Kauai, the “Napoli Coast”. My wife and I were on our


Progress; not Perfection

A quote I love is “we seek progress, not perfection.” It guides my personal life, our consultants’ career goals, and our technical development. From that, I’ve learned to warn our clients, “the perfect schedule is the last update.” Since day one, our tag line has been “HITO can help” which means we want to improve


Excel schedule lookahead

Here’s a short video, very rough, showing how to navigate and utilize our excel schedule lookahead planner. We’ll add some audio and edit it later.  Activities are exported from P6.  The “Export Updater” is the user interface. Date basics: Dates can be changed by simply double clicking in the Gantt chart area. It creates an


Career in Scheduling

I’ve always been intrigued by data. When I was young, I knew I wanted to have some sort of career that involved numbers.  So naturally, I went to college to help me find exactly what that career would be.  I wanted to steer clear of accounting, thanks to a less than effective high school teacher,

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