Here’s a short video, very rough, showing how to navigate and utilize our excel schedule lookahead planner. We’ll add some audio and edit it later.  Activities are exported from P6.  The “Export Updater” is the user interface.

Date basics:

  • Dates can be changed by simply double clicking in the Gantt chart area. It creates an “X” in the cell. You can also just type the “X” if you’d prefer.
  • If the activity has an actual start in P6, you can only change the finish date.
  • If the activity is not started,  if you  change the start date, the finish date will move by the original duration. The activity will “slide”.
  • If you assign a start date, and you want to increase the duration, you can by 2x a second “X”.

Other items:

  • You can add rows to provide more detail or added scope, and the Gantt chart 2x click still functions.
  • You can add notes in the comments column and crews in the crew column.
  • You can expose more or less weeks and then print!
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