HITO’s lessons from the Pandemic

Maybe history’s bookmark for the Pandemic to Endemic transition be the cheers of passengers and crew unmasking mid-flight? We should probably take inventory on what the Pandemic tried to teach us and what we ended up learning. Of course I googled this exact phrase, “Lessons from the Pandemic”, and it seems every organization has a different skew on it. Here’s HITO’s:

  • Family comes first. Not that family wasn’t first all along, but the pandemic reinforced and allowed it more than ever. Balancing Family and work is much easier…
  • Employees come next. Not second. Just next. I really care about our employees, and hope to earn their best. I don’t expect our employees to put work first.
  • The complicated balance we all struggle with has been made slightly easier with remote and hybrid work environments.
  • Business travel is even less glamorous than ever. Even now, sans mask on some airlines. I’m claustrophobic prone to motion sickness. Planes just aren’t my idea of good, clean fun. The pandemic made them optional rather than mandatory.
  • We can provide a lot of scheduling technology. We can do it fast and full of glitz. It still doesn’t relieve management of the duty to make a plan.
  • Technology driven communication can maintain relationships. I’m not sure it’s great at building Teams.

Web meetings are better than nothing. Masks are better than remote. Seeing smiles reminds us of the freedoms. Freedoms won’t be giving up again anytime soon.

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