Remote Schedule Updates

Not every project needs a full-time, on-site scheduler. Why incur the expense if you don’t have to? The experience HITO has gained from being on-site gives us the insight to understand your project thru daily reports and brief conversations. For each schedule update, we host online schedule reviews to finalize the schedule status and updates.¬†This



Pipeline construction is unlike any other construction. As the industry adapts to more formal schedule requirements, HITO can help. How many HDD rigs do we need on site to complete them all in 3 months? We understand your people and how they work. We can translate the plan from your team into a clear and


Baseline Schedule

Need a baseline schedule to get started? HITO can help. We can help you develop the plan, or, take your existing plan, and model it in a schedule. We capture the scope and break it down into the steps required to manage the work. We balance the need for detail against your organization’s needs. Too

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