Project Controls Recipe

Are you getting ready for the holidays? Decorations, presents, preparations, holiday parties? Perhaps among your holiday traditions, you have a family event with a Cousin Eddie? The hard-headed one that, while you are speaking, doesn’t even consider what you’re saying, and is simply waiting to speak? Back to our professional lives, how many meetings do


Take Inventory

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday, because we get to take our personal inventory. We’re encouraged to step back and take note of what’s important, the relationships that enhance our lives, and the fortunes we’ve been afforded. If we’re lucky and brave enough, we can show gratitude to those that have brought it into our


Progress; not Perfection

A quote I love is “we seek progress, not perfection.” It guides my personal life, our consultants’ career goals, and our technical development. From that, I’ve learned to warn our clients, “the perfect schedule is the last update.” Since day one, our tag line has been “HITO can help” which means we want to improve


EPC Scheduling

EPC Scheduling The term EPC refers to the various stages or life cycle of a project. E stands for Engineering; this is where the project is defined, parameters are established, and drawings are produced for Construction to build to. P stands for Procurement; this is where materials are specified, purchased, and manufactured. C stand for

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